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Anime Girl by PlatinumxRose

My first ever critique!! :dummy: So sorry if it's uhm, weird or not good, or something. Anyways. I think you should make the outlines of the ...

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So, I've just read about some disturbing news. Recently, someone has been scamming people on dA by misusing the chargeback option on Paypal. I'm not exactly sure how those transactions work, but I know that this person has stolen up to over $5000 so far, and is STILL scamming more people today. He/she has caused many artists to go into dept, stealing hundreds, even THOUSANDS of dollars from them. This sickens me, to know that ONE person can do so much damage, and hasn't taken any punishment yet?? :iconwitchpaws: got the worst of it, with over $3000 stolen from her. If you can, it would be a big help to donate some money, so she can regain what was lost. If you can't donate anything, I really hope you could at least help spread the word. The previous victims of this unfortunate scam need help, and the more people that know, the better. Thank you.
And please be aware of this person, (who has now deactivated their two accounts, but still... Do not associate with him/her, and if you have already sold a commission to her, you could be affected.)



SCAMMER. Please beware! 

For more information, check this journal entry.…

  • Mood: Disgust
Hi! So I recently came across this cool contest for a chance to have your winning entry artwork included in the Dream in Color charity artbook, and win other worthwhile prizes as well!! It's for a great cause!
For the full contest rules/details, click this link right here >>> dreamincolorartbook.deviantart…

:icondreamincolorartbook: :icondreamincolorartbook: :icondreamincolorartbook:
Also, check out the group for more information, and updates about the contest!
Thanks for reading this! 
  • Mood: Eager
The Jealous Witch by LeaveItToFate
The Jealous Witch
This is a little fanart of :iconyamio:'s OC, Maria. I hope it's okay that I drew her! Yamio just seems like a really kind person, and I wish I was able to help her out by commissioning or becoming a Patreon, but sadly I don't have any money and all... So I hope she'll accept this small gift. Thank you for being such a great inspiration to me. I really hope that life is easy on you!! ;v;
*Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (So exciting!) 

Maria belongs to :iconyamio:


Anna Ky
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
"Look forward. Looking back will only make you trip."
♥ Anime ♥ Manga ♥ VOCALOID ♥ J-POP ♥ K-POP ♥ Drawing ♥ Crafting ♥ Cosplay ♥ Fashion ♥ PewDiePie ♥

I love cute things, and drawing stuff that doesn't make sense. I aspire to become an amazing artist.


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ANIME/MANGA I LIKE: :bulletblue: = watched anime :bulletpurple: = read manga :bulletblack: = seen both

:bulletblue: Naruto Shippuden
:bulletblue: Naruto ✓
:bulletblue: Soul Eater ✓
:bulletblack: Shugo Chara
:bulletblue: Inuyasha
:bulletblue: FMA
:bulletblue: Bleach
:bulletblue: K-on!/K-on!! ✓
:bulletblue: Ouran Highschool Host Club ✓
:bulletpurple: Happy Cafe/Shiawase Kissa Sachoume ✓
:bulletblue: Kuroshitsuji ✓
:bulletblue: Skip Beat! ✓
:bulletblue: No. 6 ✓
:bulletpurple: Special A
:bulletpurple: Hikaru No Go
:bulletblue: Kuroko no Basuke /Kuroko no Basuke 2 ✓ (waiting on season 3)
:bulletpurple: Bakuman
:bulletblue: Lucky Star ✓
:bulletblue: Sword Art Online ✓ (GGO currently airing)
:bulletblue: Zatch Bell
:bulletpurple: Kagerou Days
:bulletblue: Pokemon
:bulletblue: Yu-Gi-Oh!
:bulletpurple: Brody's Ghost
:bulletblack: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun ✓
:bulletpurple: Dragon Drive
:bulletblue: Death Note ✓
:bulletblue: Durarara!! ✓ (waiting on season 2)
:bulletblue: K ✓
:bulletblue: Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000%/2000% ✓
:bulletblue: Free! ✓ (season 2 currently airing)
:bulletblue: Date A Live ✓
:bulletpurple: Dorothy of Oz
:bulletblue: Toradora ✓
:bulletblue: Hyouka ✓
:bulletblue: Black★Rock Shooter ✓
:bulletblue: Kimi ni Todoke ✓
:bulletblue: Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru ✓
:bulletblue: Sukitte ii na yo ✓
:bulletblue: Shingeki no Kyojin ✓ (waiting on season 2)
:bulletblue: Steins;Gate ✓
:bulletblue: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
:bulletblack: Love Stage!! (season 1 currently airing)
:bulletblue: Kyoukai no Kanata ✓
:bulletblue: Miss Monochrome ✓
:bulletblue: Meganebu! ✓
:bulletblue: Kokoro Connect ✓
:bulletblue: Tsuritama ✓
:bulletblue: Isshuukan Friends ✓
:bulletblue: Noragami ✓
:bulletblue: Watamote ✓
:bulletblue: Anohana ✓


:bulletblue: Naruto Shippuden (on hold)
:bulletblue: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (on hold)
:bulletblue: Kill la Kill (on hold)
:bulletblue: Nabari no Ou
:bulletblue: Hetalia (on hold)
:bulletblue: Free! Eternal Summer
:bulletblue: Love Stage!!
:bulletblue: Ao Haru Ride
:bulletblue: Mekakucity Actors (on hold)
:bulletblue: SAO ll (on hold)


:bulletpurple: Kagerou Days
:bulletpurple: Omairi Desu Yo (on hold)
:bulletpurple: Love Stage
:bulletpurple: No. 6 (on hold)
:bulletpurple: Durarara!!
:bulletpurple: High School Debut (on hold)


:bulletblue: Fruits Basket
:bulletorange: D. Gray-Man
:bulletpink: Clannad
:bulletyellow: Elfen Lied
:bulletwhite: Angel Beats
:bulletpurple: Cross Road(?)
:bulletred: Little Busters!
:bulletorange: Magi The Labyrinth Of Magic
:bulletblack: Vampire Knight
:bulletpink: Another
:bulletwhite: Baccano!
:bulletyellow: Ao no Exorcist
:bulletgreen: Danganronpa: The Animation
:bulletred: Gatchaman Crowds
:bulletorange: Gurren Lagann
:bulletpink: Golden Time
:bulletpurple: Aria the Origination
:bulletblue: Kaichou wa Maid-sama
:bulletgreen: Tamako Market
:bulletyellow: Kimi to Boku
:bulletorange: Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!
:bulletred: Mekakucity Actors
:bulletwhite: Haikyuu!
:bulletblue: DMMD
:bulletpurple: Tokyo Ghoul
:bulletpink: Zankyou no Terror


:bulletblue: Len Kagamine
:bulletpurple: Rin Kagamine
:bulletblue: Hatsune Miku
:bulletpurple: Oliver

:bulletpurple: Soraru
:bulletblue: Valshe
:bulletpurple: 96Neko
:bulletblue: ShounenT
:bulletpurple: Hanatan
:bulletblue: Pokota
:bulletpurple: Au【あう】
:bulletblue: Kradness

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